17199504This book is the first book in The Bone Season series. It tells the story about young Paige Mahoney who is a type of clairvoyant known as a dream walker. Unfortunately for her, being such means that she is committing treason just by being alive. One day though, Paige is kidnapped and taken to a place where other beings have ruled for a couple of hundred years, and actually live off the essence of clairvoyants. Paige is assigned to one of these Raphaite, who she has to call Warden and is kept in an albeit, nice prison, but still a prison where she is destined to live for the rest of her live. But she soon starts to realise that not everything with Warden is as it seems, what secrets does he hold? Is he really her enemy?

I thoroughly enjoyed this book, it was captivating. There was action all over, and a really great storyline. I just couldn’t stop listening to this story (it was an audiobook). I loved the mistrust between Paige and Warden and their hesitancy towards the end when they started to realise maybe there was something more, but holy hell why did it have to stop there, it’s just not fair! I loved that even though Paige thought she was a great dream walker, it had nothing on what Warden was able to teach her.

The only real drawback for me is that I listened to the audiobook and thought at first that it may end up being a bore but that was just the narrator. She was quite soft spoken, even though there were some inflections, it wasn’t quite the animated dramatisation it could have been to make it even more exciting. Thankfully though, the author’s great writing saved it from being put down and discarded.

What did frustrate me though about Paige is all of her double standards. What was fine for her to do e.g. kill people, was just an unthinkable heinous act for Warden. That really annoyed me, but also served as a reminder that she’s only 19 years old. It seemed like with all of her experience in Jaxon’s gang that she’d be older, but no, just 19 so I guess that’s some of her excuse really. But still… annoying.

Otherwise though, this was a great book in the series and I can’t wait to see what happens with the next one, but I think I might read the book instead of listen to the audiobook this time.