It’s the middle of winter and the power has gone out. Not just a little blip either. It has been out for nearly half an hour and not expected to be back on for at least another couple of hours.

When it first went out I was watching, or rather, only half paying attention to a DVD I was watching while doing some planning for my Nutrimetics launch party. And then the only light was from my laptop.

It was really quite eerie. Everything in the house turns off. The gas heater turns off because of the inbuilt safety switch that won’t allow it to run without electricity. The hum of the fridge is gone, the noise from the TV.

I was sitting there like a stunned mullet thinking, what the hell do I do now. There’s no power. Check the life of the laptop. Check the battery life on my phone… 41%. How long with that last? Now what do I do?

So I lit a couple of candles. The smelly ones being the only ones that I have, and thought, this sounds like a wonderful excuse to snuggle in bed and read an old fashioned book. Once I’ve of course wasted a few percent of my phone’s battery so that I could blog about the experience! Very important stuff, right?

What do you like to do when the power goes out in the evening?

Power outage