Welcome to Friday Favourites where I share with you what the highlights of my week have been. You are more than welcome to join in and share your highlights as well. I find it can be good for the soul to look back over the previous week and focus on all the good things that have happened.

Pole conditioning. Last Saturday was the first week of my pole conditioning classes. These are classes aimed at really boosting strength with pole dancing. I’ve always found these a bit intimidating because I don’t feel like I’m quite as strong as everyone else in the class, but I got through it and my muscles were only sore for a 2-3 days afterwards which is a great start.

Brunch with the girls. After the pole conditioning class, I caught up with a couple of my best girlfriends for brunch at a local cafe which was lovely.

My dog ran away, but then came back! Ok so an awful start and I was having a mini meltdown, but some wonderful member of the public saw her cowering on the side of the expressway (100km/h road) and picked her up and took her to the RSPCA. So I was reunited with her, and I am so grateful to the man who picked her up and to all of the people who shared my post on Facebook as well so the local community was aware and could contact me if they saw her.


Facial. I popped over to see my grandparents on Sunday and gave my Nana a facial with some of my Nutrimetics products and she loved it, and it was great for me to be able to practice my skills.

Aqua pole class. For the last few weeks I have been doing an aqua pole class with a couple of girlfriends which is an interesting combination of aqua and pole strength work. The part I love most is catching up with my friends while we’re there.

Nutrimetics order submitted. There was a recent $9.90 sale on a few awesome products and thanks to that I collected an order of just over $120, woohoo!

First Nutrimetics demo video. One of the things I’ve been wanting to do with Nutrimetics are some demo videos of the great products they have. I feel like this is a better way to showcase the products rather than just show pictures and write text. So the first one I did was about the eyeshadow primer which I’d had a few questions about.

Farewell lunch. A bit sad, but still good to catch up for lunch. One of the guys from work has got a new job so a few of us went out for lunch as our last “hoorah” together. It was fun, but still a bit sad.

I hope you all had a great week as well,please feel free to add your highlights in the comments.