I started my new business as a Nutrimetics Consultant about a month ago now and I have been trying to work out what really is the best way to run Nutrimetics as an online business.

So many of the Nutrimetics ladies I’ve seen on Facebook are just using their pages or groups to share what I call “ra-ra” sales info and how OTT amazing the kit is. To me that all comes across as insincere and fake. It doesn’t inspire me to feel anything about the products and to want to buy any of them.

What I decided to do instead, was sit down and write a plan around what I like to see, what would make me want to buy from someone selling Nutrimetics? And it wasn’t about the amazing sales and discounts they do.

It’s about the person. Not the product.

I have been posting things like selfies showing me wearing the funky new eye shadow or lippy. I did a really nerve-wracking video telling people my story and why I chose Nutrimetics. I’ve posted inspirational pictures. And the occasional promotional sale.

I have not posted any of the ra-ra “do you want this kit, it is so amazing” posts.

And you know what, the feedback I have been getting is amazing. I have had women come up to me and say they are really enjoying the personal touch I’m putting on everything. I reckon part of that is reflected in my sales too. From the interaction I get on my Facebook group, compared to the other ladies I see, I am getting far more interactions than they are. I think that speaks volumes.

Ultimately I think you are your best asset, so if you’re going to successfully sell something like Nutrimetics, you need to promote yourself as the model for the products and let it sell itself that way. People will see how amazing it is for themselves, they won’t need to be told twice!