I think most of us women tend to think we have some flaws. I know I certainly do. And I know people throw around all sorts of sayings about accepting yourself as you are and loving yourself. There are some amazing sayings out there, really there are, but it can be incredibly hard to actually believe them.

It wasn’t until I was having a conversation with a friend that I started to believe it.

We were talking about our arms of all things, and she was saying how she didn’t like hers, but I thought hers were nice and slender, especially compared to mine. I’m a bit self-conscious about mine because I feel like they’re flawed because they’re too big. But she said she loved my arms because they’re toned and they’re strong and functional thanks to all the pole dancing I do.

So moral of this story. Believe it when it says that your imperfections are what make you beautiful, that you’re imperfectly perfect, and perfect just as you are. Because you are perfectly you, and no one can ever be as beautiful as you are.